Molo IV

The newly renovated and redeveloped Molo (Pier) IV is equipped on the ground floor overlooking the sea, with two large halls, of about 1000 square meters each, and an Auditorium of 120 square meters. This multifunctional location is suitable for different types of events such as conferences, trade fairs, exhibitions, gala dinners, cultural activities, exhibitions, concerts and entertainment.

 The structure is equipped with heating /air conditioning, wifi and all necessary amenities. Moreover, the structure has a parking area with 600 parking lot.






1.000 m sq


Presidency, amplification, video projection on request Wi-fi

Sala 3

1.000 m sq


Table for guest speakers, microphones, loudspeakers, video projectors Wi-Fi


120 m sq


Presidency, amplification, video projection on request Wi-fi

The Agora Hall is made up of a single space and it is ideal for gala dinners, concerts, exhibitions and other recreational activities.

Instead, Hall 3 is mostly used for conferences since there are ten boxes along the sides which can be used as wardrobes, control rooms, or exhibition spaces for sponsors. Moreover it is equipped with a video projection system , amplification and stage.

Each room can accommodate up to 500 guests. The area is perfectly sound proofed and therefore it is possible to held two events simultaneously in the two rooms.
The building has also a space for catering services with water, electricity and waste.

The structure offers also an “Auditorium” which is a smaller room with 88 seats and a table for guest speakers. The Auditorium is perfect for small meetings, press conferences and workshops. Upon request it can be equipped with an amplification system and video projection.
In spring and in summer, the area outside of Molo (Pier) IV, which overlooks the sea and has a beautiful view of the Piazza dell’Unità d’Italia, is an ideal location for holding receptions, coffee breaks, cocktail parties, and buffet dinners.

Molo IV – Wedding Special