Cruise parking reservation


  • The parking lot, that is reserved ONLY FOR CRUISE PASSENGERS, can be booked only via internet by filling in the form below.
  • The parking lot is reserved ONLY FOR CARS! RESERVATIONS FOR BUSSES, CAMPER AND VAN ARE NOT ACCEPTED!!! In this case it is requested to send an email to[email protected]  The prices for this kind of vehicles will be sent via email!
  • It is requested the payment of €10.00, as a deposit NOT refundable. The payment of the other €60.00 will be done direclty at the parking lot the day of the arrival (day of departure of the ship).
  • The completion of this form and the payment of € 10.00 are a simple down payment as a deposit to guarantee the reservation in accordance with the entered data, which in any case will be verified by our system.
  • The payment is via PayPal ™ (it is also possible to pay with credit card or a prepaid card, it is not necessary to subscribe to PayPal) which, when completed successfully, will redirect the customer to a confirmation page.
  • A confirmation of the payment will be sent by PayPal™ AND by our system. There will be summarized all the data entered.
Only the document concerning the confirmation of the reservation received by our system will be considered as confirmation of reservation!!

Any transaction made without filling in this form WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED VALID AS RESERVATION!

NOTE: We strongly recommend to go first to the mooring of the ship in order to leave all luggage at the scanners and then to the parking lot to leave the car.

We are always available in case of need.


DOWNLOAD THE PDF (click on the icon below) in order to have all information about driving directions, schedules, opening days, and all the conditions about the parking lot. We suggest you to carefully read and eventually print the pdf in order to avoid any inconvenience.



Interactive map for the “Porto Vecchio” Park

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